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MYMO is a Multi-disciplinary Artist , and currently lives and works Between Berlin (d) and Cape Town (SA).
She has been traveling throughout the world for the past years. These travels have a direct relationship with her artistic practice, whereby she created and curated exhibitions, workshops, and lectures. She is one of the most influential female urban artists of her generation. Known by her street name MYMO she has a large following in the street art and Art/Design community.
She likes to combine abstract forms with Pyramid shapes, Trianglar patterns and vivid colours.
These patterns trace back to her North African roots.
Her style can be described as a combination of Mystic, Cosmic, Tribal-funk and psychedelic.
With a multimedia attitude she doesn’t restrict herself to any particular medium. She constantly develops new
possibilities of aesthetic expression (from street and canvas painting to collage, from animation to
installations). From simply creating art for herself, her recognisable style brought her to work in many different fields in series of commercial successes such as: creating advertisements for popular products, designing products, working in films and being commissioned to paint and create art-work in well-known locations.
MYMO can be understood as a messenger between this realm and fantastic parallel universes. Her work is a reflection of contemporary society. She interacts and communicates within the urban context of the everyday,
promoting positive change in our world.
Mymonsters stand for her creations. It is a creation process called MYMO.

Mankind call me “MYMO” the Illusionist, the Gatekeeper to other Dimensions the whole World tries to grasp me.
My spirit has been around in many places, dark Cities and bright Nations throughout the World. I never know where my spirit will be next; do you know from where the next wind will blow?
I exist in mankind’s Legends and Fairy tales in the Streets and the Alleys, on the Walls and in your Eyes.
My Artwork and Illusions represent portals in time and space. Portals can be seen in symbols ,
in words, and in paintings. I play in my experimental Artwork with emotions and colors, physics and
absolute self - awareness. What I see through the portals are messages through Images and sometimes whole Stories, and that is what I am painting. Seeing becomes a miracle .
Life itself is infinite, a spirit, living thing, and to hear see and speak that, you have to have the Art of
listening, the Art of seeing and the Art of Speaking , these are miracles. Mankind has lost the touch with these gifts. MYMO Sees, and is capable of translating messages between realms. I see things and then I draw them.
No thinking; thinking prevents seeing .
Thoughts are limited, my paintings are beyond thought and beyond knowledge , my Artwork is a living thing…


Interview / Mymo

Text: Ona Poveda


You are a multidisciplinary artist, painter, illustrator, muralist, you do collage, installations, animation, how would you define your work? Do you feel more comfortable with something in particular? I never restrict myself to one medium as I love to explore always new visual possibilities in creating my creations or world.

I’d like to know a little bit about your career to know how you got here. I think you started doing street art, am I right? What was the process of painting on the street to exhibit in galleries, working in advertising, like publish in magazines? Have you experienced this as something very organic that emerged like this, or did you have it all planned? No it was a natural movement, I started with graffiti in the early teenage ages I was like 13 years old and totally inspired by those colourful letters on the train line. I used to take the subway a lot on my way to school. It was the Urban art school beside my high school. Graffiti changed my life. Then I continued it and developed a more unique style at the same time when I studied art and opened up my horizon with more visual information. I’m glad my parents always supported me in my visual talent, when I was around three or five I was drawing in my mum´s office, I used everything they had including staplers hole punchers those fluorescent text markers and made collages and masks out of this office material which was available for me. Since then I´ve never stopped creating things.

Tell me about your references, Africa undoubtedly, what else? I like the mixture that can be seen in your work, something like mystic-cosmic-tribal-naïve… Yes, it’s totally mystic-cosmic and tribal with striking colours… Since early childhood I had been fascinated with the Egyptian Culture as my roots trace back to North Africa. I explored deep into ancient knowledge about the universe and feel deeply connected to nature, where you can find a lot of patterns and shapes. It always surprises me with all the beautiful shapes if you open up your eyes. I´m taking a lot of my work subconsciously out and give it a new visual shape to a medium of creation. There is a dream-world or parallel universe and when discovered, there is an understanding that is everything connected with each other.

Which artists do you like / respect / or have influenced you in any way?

I try not to look at other people’s work too much, so I’m still unique in my creations, and I love it when somebody possibly sees some things with the same rainbow classes then, I feel totally connected. I do love to collaborate with a lot of other artists in projects also from other backgrounds like musicians or photographers you learn a lot in many ways, it´s amazing. I feel very connected to tribes and sometimes I find surprising similarities in shapes and patterns, but if you go deeper into the human conscientiousness you can see these patterns in all tribes around the world including Nature. We are still connected on another level only subconsciously, some people are more aware of it than others. Especially native tribes are still very connected with nature. I would consider myself a modern Shaman that is working as a visual medium.

How your various travels and experiences have influence over your work? It is actually the most amazing thing in life, to travel, to explore different cultures and nature, mountains, the most amazing beaches, sunsets like those once from your dreams, yes I recommend everybody to go out and explore your planet. I took so many good experiences with me, as I tough it was sometimes, you will have life changing experiences.

What is your day to day like in Berlin? In Berlin it is totally different than in other places (hahaha), but first a nice Italian espresso, I love it, then I go and check my e-mails, I’m actually quite bad with that, because if you are in a creative state you have your creation chaos, I guess my mind works quite differently, depending on the project or things to do. I’m my own boss so I need to divide my time during the day myself… in creating a canvas or collage or installation…

Are you interested in fashion? It is clear that fashion and art have much in common. Fashion is a part of self-expression, and I love it. My clothes are more or less a collection from my travels and adventures as I found a lot around. The creation can be a walking art peace. I like to play around with fabric and my sewing machine is next to me… I explore a new world with a new medium. Things get alive in a sense. I’m about to create my own fashion collection soon with supporting underprivileged people in South Africa, and we will create living art pieces. I’m excited.

What do you do when you’re not working?

Dreaming, most of the times i m spening the day of dreaming including the night, and if i can to get to nature spots to continue dreaming.

Where are you working on right now? Tell us about your latest project or projects. I was just working on a music video, where I made a huge shrine to celebrate the no religion of freedom and compassion (hahahaha), the new rainbow area has started. I love supporting other artists and musicians, they are wonderful. So it was a beautiful collaboration. I am also working on a few exhibitions and projects.